marți, 26 noiembrie 2013

Social in 60

SimplySocial started a small show in its office called Social in 60. This show provides short, bite-sized social media knowledge to a large group of professionals that know a little about social media.

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Apcera Video

Short animation as a company presentation for Apcera.
The Policy-Driven Platform that Accelerates Enterprise IT from Apcera on Vimeo.

CoderDojo Timisoara

A small presentation made for the CoderDojo Timisoara Program

Social Media Tips and Tricks / Quotes - Artworks

SimplySocial for Enterprise

Christmas Party - Video

Last years Christmas Party at the office:

Wall Art in SimplySocial's Office


A small component of a bigger project - Building the Social in 60 Studio. A set of typography posters designed for giving a better shape to the making of Social in 60 Episodes.

Once a developer - always a developer

Branding :)

Product Promotional Images

SimplySocial Banners & Covers

A series of artworks and projects withing SimplySocial Inc 

Business Cards

A few business card concepts made for SimplySocial Inc.